Dr. Fiernulfierow’s fascination with medicine began in his childhood, when his father – a surgeon rather forced than born – let young Fiernulfierow watch minor surgeries. The conditions of the doctor’s office repulsed, but at the same time fascinated him. As a kid he used to play for hours with medical tools, simulating simple surgeries following the work of his father.

When he was a teenager his experiments have led him to modifications of his body that would allow him to fully express himself. As time went by, the young doctor started to work at an original treatment programme combining plastic surgery with psychotherapy.

If you are peeping the world of the Artificial Sun there is no chance to avoid a visit in dr. Fiernulfierow’s office. Life goes on here, no matter what time of the day it is and the two hospital orderlies – Iv and Iff, take care of the vibe. Every patient can be sure of the highest quality service, especially when the visit is voluntary.

DRM404 is a medium between the world known so far and the reality of the Artificial Sun. Soulless drum machine and carrier of inexpressible message at the same time. By the symbol play and available tools like music, graphics or even usual fabrics single hints are given. We can face the challenge to assemble the puzzles successfully.